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Big Data Course - an introduction to a winning big data strategy

Think Bigger - Developing A Successful Big Data Strategy for your business

Think Bigger

Big data – the enormous amount of data that is created as virtually every movement, transaction, and choice we make becomes digitized – is revolutionizing business. Offering real-world insight and explanations, this book provides a roadmap for organizations looking to develop a profitable big data strategy …and reveals why it’s not something they can leave to the I.T. department. Sharing best practices from companies that have implemented a big data strategy including Walmart, InterContinental Hotel Group, Walt Disney, and Shell, Think Bigger covers the most important trends affecting organizations, as well as key technologies like Hadoop and MapReduce, and several crucial types of analyses. In addition, the book offers guidance on how to ensure security, and respect the privacy rights of consumers. It also examines in detail how it is impacting specific industries – and where opportunities can be found. Big data is changing the way businesses – and even governments – are operated and managed. Think Bigger is an essential resource for anyone who wants to ensure that their company isn’t left in the dust.

Big Data Course - An Introduction to a winning Big Data Strategy

The Big Data Course

Big data is changing the way we work, live and behave; the way we manage organisations and societies and it impacts our privacy. It has many implications and numerous advantages for any industry, any organisation and any society around the world. How will it affect your industry, organisation and supply chain? How can you ensure the privacy of your consumers and how can you put big data to work for your organisation and outperform your peers. For only $ 299,-, this Big Data Course will give you access to exclusive content that will give you all the answers. You can now also buy separate sessions.

Big Data Strategy Model

The Big Data Strategy Model

The Big Data Strategy Model thus helps organisations to develop their strategy, and it does so in a comprehensive way. As Mark van Rijmenam, the founder of BigData-Startups.com, explains: “Itis changing the way businesses—and even governments—are operated and managed, but many organisations are not yet familiar with the topic and/or have no clear overview of the big data ecosystem. This innovative Model will change that and will help organizations take the first steps towards a strategy”.

Open Source tools - everything you need

Big Data Open Source Tools

It is generally believed that implementing a big data strategy is expensive and time-consuming. Both are not true. There are many open source tools that can be implemented for free and can be adapted as necessary to suit personal needs. We have collected 125 of the most important open source tools for you to discover. Each open source tool has its own expertise and some of them offer also premium services.

Big Data Startups - find the best tools

The Big Data Startups

New Big Data Startups are founded on a daily basis. The investments in these highly technological startups continue to grow. But they are difficult to find. That is why we have collected them for you. Discover the startups from around the world and get an understanding in what they do as each startup has a different speciality. Each startup is individually reviewed and rated on several criteria. If you would like to see your big data startup featured on this platform, you can register it here

Public Data sets - gain new insights

Public Data

In 2011 European Commissioner Neelie Kroes put up a proposal to open up Europe’s Public Data for everyone to use. Neelie Kroes is a strong supporter of the use of public datasets and she called governments to put online datasets that were created with public money. More and more public datasets are becoming more widely available for organisations and that thrives innovation and new solutions for (unknown) problems in the world. Marketplaces start to exist and organisations can buy or download for free many public data sets. Combining these with personal data will provide additional insights.

Best Practices - learn from others

Best Practices

At the moment, only 12% of the organisations worldwide have developed a big data strategy. In the coming years this will grow, but you can already learn from the lessons learned by the organisations that did implement a strategy. We collect use cases that can help other organisations when implementing a big data strategy. Examples of these interesting use cases start to appear in every industry and an overview of these best practices can help to drive innovation. If you have a use case yourself that you want to share, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Think Bigger - Developing A Successful Big Data Strategy for your business

Best Big Data Startups

  • Roambi – offers interactive mobile visualizations
  • Vitria – they provide real-time insights in big data
  • Palantir - they provide insights from data when needed most
  • Rocket Fuel – they use A.I. to improve advertising
  • Tableau Software – they provide easy-to-use software applications
  • Domo - a cloud-based big data management platform
  • Quid - delivers augmented intelligence for organisations
  • Guavus - helps Communication Service Providers create value with their data
  • Appnomic Systems – they bring analytics to IT operations
  • ClearStory Data – offers exploratory & collaborative business analytics solution