QunB has developed a platform for companies and consumers to find and visualize datasets that are relevant to them. The charts and graphs created can be compared with other data sets that are similar. Their visualisation technology is promising and in December 2012 they won the LeWeb 2012 Paris startup competition, beating 15 other startups in the finals.

Users are encouraged to host their data on the platform. Hosting your data makes it interoperable with the data already on their server, which allows users to discover new insights. The founders state that their service understands the data uploaded and build the right visualizations and correlations. The more data users upload, the better the service will work. Question is however, how many users are willing to upload their own data? All data on the servers of QunB is aggregated and made accessible to potentially everybody. Time will tell if companies and consumers are willing to share their data, especially because QunB’s business model is to charge users for the data they need.

Their visualizations and charts work really easy, as the simple drag & drop interface help users to explore the data. All charts are customizable and easy to export. The founders of QunB want to revolutionize the world of big data and want to become the one-stop-shop for figures based on data from different sources. They want to become the supermarket for big data.

The problem with user generated data is that first the data needs to be found. So much work will go into getting the data. Then, to provide meaningful answers, they will have to clean the data so that the data can be enriched and become more useful. At the moment it looks like they have not yet cracked this nut.

Furthermore, users will be very picky about the user interface and user experience. They will have one, or maybe two, chances to impress the user that the graphs are presenting the answers to the questions the user has. This is a difficult aspect. So although, they have a promising concept and were winner of the LeWeb’12 Startup Competition, there are a still a lot of open questions. Therefore, BigData-startups gives QunB a 4 bits rating.

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