Swan Insights is a service consultancy big data startup that focuses on helping organisations implementing a big data strategy. It is a small and very young big data startup from Belgium that focuses on the European market, especially Belgium, Luxembourg and France. Currently they are in the starting phase but they have a lot of plans to target the European continent. Swan Insights’ mission is to collect, clean, analyse and render the strategic knowledge from unstructured datasets, in a way that complies with the actual use in business processes.

Sawn Insights focuses on a wide range of big data activities for those organisations that want to implement a big data strategy. This ranges from ensuring that the data collected by the organisations, is cleaned and enriched. Subsequently they create the data storage and infrastructure to handle the vast amounts of incoming data. They use a wide range of techniques for this, including Hadoop, Kafka, Zookeeper, Hive, Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure.

Swan Insights helps organisations also perform the necessary analysis on the data and to ensure that the data is visualized. They use proprietary software applications and techniques like machine learning to derive insights. The DataGraph is the Swan Insights’s proprietary database of social profiles in a given country that provides valuable insights to organisations. The final phase is the visualization aspect, where Swan Insights is capable of creating integrated dashboards that provide decision-makers with the information they require.

Swan Insights was founded strong team including Laurent Kinet, CEO and a serial entrepreneur, Roald Sieberath, CVO and serial entrepreneur, Xavier Rouby, CTO and former CERN employee, and Pierre Deville, CSO and a PhD Student in Applied Mathematics. They started with a funding of € 100.000 and currently have five customers in the Automotive, Retail, Telecom, and Banking Industry. Since they are so young, they have not yet won any awards or won any patents (pending). The big data startup scene in Europe is still relatively small, especially compared to the USA. Therefore, if they are capable of delivering great big data solutions to some key customers in Belgium, Luxembourg or France, they have indeed the possibility to become an important player in the market. However, for now we give them a 3 bits rating.

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