Wibidata is an organization selling licenses and services for Big Data Applications that enables also small organisations to take the advantages of big data. The applications that Wibidata builds use big data to provide a better experience to the users. Unlike the large corporations like Facebook, smaller organisations do not have the capabilities to build tailor-made big data applications. Luckily Wibidata enables big data also for those organisations who cannot afford expensive big data scientists.

WibiData was founded in 2010 by Cloudera founder Christophe Bisciglia and Aaron Kimball, who previously founded the Apache Sqoop data import tool and Apache MRUnit Hadoop testing library projects. They have built the WibiData application on top of the open source Kiji project. This is a modular framework allowing DevOps to collect and analyse data in applications. The entire system is built on top of Apache Hadoop and HBase.

The objective of WibiData is to help organisation analyse and manage complex customer data in order to be able to predict future behaviour. It helps also smaller web companies, just like Amazon does at a large scale, to offer personalization on their website or in their online service. Their goal is to turn Hadoop into a pool of specialized software packages. WibiData focuses on the retail, telecom and finance industry using their mobile and SaaS applications. They have developed four pillars that create WibiData’s approach regarding architecting Big Data applications; content personalization, search relevance, predictive recommendations and anomaly detection.

Since their launch they have raised $ 20 million in funding. Canaan Partners headed the latest, $ 15 million in a Series B, funding round. Google’s Eric Schmidt and New Enterprise Associates, both existing investors as well as Mike Olson, Cloudera CEO, also participated in the round. This investment shows the shift happening in the Big Data ecosystem toward applications that bring direct value to businesses. WibiData has no patents (pending) neither yet won any awards. The management of the big data startup as well as their innovative approach towards big data however is promising. We therefore give them a 6 bits rating.

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